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MIKE COOK, Executive Director, HazMat Compliance & Training

Mr. Cook has been involved in law enforcement since he began his career with the Colorado State Patrol in 1987. During a portion of his time with the Colorado State Patrol, he was assigned to the Hazardous Materials Section where he was responsible for hazardous materials response and enforcement, hazardous material instruction and commercial motor vehicle inspection and enforcement. Read More

Forrest Wieder, SERTC-ERTC General Manager

(719) 584-7177 | forrest_wieder@aar.com
Forrest Wieder has over 25 years of experience in emergency response to include EMT, Paramedic, Paramedic Supervisor, Hazardous Materials response team Chief, and Director of Special Operations within the Office of Emergency Management.Read More

Rick Powell, SERTC-ERTC Lead Instructor

Mr. Powell has over thirty years of experience as an Emergency Responder as a Fire Fighter, Emergency Medical Technician and Hazardous Materials Specialist. Rick has worked internationally as well as in the United States as a responder.Read More

David W. Berry, Curriculum Developer & Instructor SERTC-CIRG

David W. Berry is a 35-year veteran in the emergency response field where he has worked as an emergency response professional, program manager, curriculum designer, training manager, consultant, technical author, illustrator and instructor.Read More

Juan Pablo “JP” Covarrubias, International Programs Coordinator / Instructor

Mr. Covarrubias has over fifteen years of experience with Hazardous Materials Emergency Response including ten years as a Occupational Safety and Health Engineer for Chemicals Companies in South America. He has been an Instructor for TTCI/SERTC for 8 years realizing many trainings in different countries as Mexico, Brazil and Chile. JP is one of our Instructors for all the trainings in Spanish language in USA and South America.Read More

Steven Dunn, Instructor

Steven Dunn, a career firefighter and HazMat Responder, Emergency Medical Technician locally has joined the Instructor staff at SERTC. Read More

Raymond Hackman, Instructor

Mr. Hackman has over 37 years in the emergency services as a Firefighter, Emergency Medical Technician, and Hazardous Materials Technician. Read More

Gale Holderman, Senior Instructor

Gale Holderman, Senior Instructor Coordinator: Remote Training for Surface Transportation Emergency Preparedness and Security (STEPS) Classes SERTC is a Dept. of Transportation Technology Center, Inc. 55500 DOT Road | PO Box 11130 | Pueblo, CO 81001 USA O: 719-584-7188 | E: gale_holderman@aar.com Gale Holderman has been an instructor at the Security and Emergency Response Training Center (SERTC) since September 1, 2009 and is the site’s senior explosives blaster.  Mr. Holderman Read More

Ryan Moran, Part-time Instructor

Mr. Moran joins the SERTC team, bringing over 17 years of experience as a Pueblo firefighter.Read More

Brandon Morris, Instructor

Mr. Morris has over 17 years of hazardous materials response and training experience in the private sector…..read moreRead More

Fred Salazar, Part-time Instructor

Mr. Salazar has over twenty three years of experience with Hazardous Materials Emergency Response including seven years Industrial Emergency Response (Large US Oil Corporation), 16 years with a municipal fire department, and more than ten years assigned to the HazMat Team. He has extensive experience with HazMat pre-incident planning and as an SME for after action reviews. Fred has knowledge and experience in both private contractor remediation and the emergency response immediate mitigation phases of response.Read More

Timothy Spires, Instructor

Mr. Spires is a retired Battalion Captain from Lexington County located in Lexington, SC. With 24 yrs experience…Read More

Dawn Mauger, Assistant Manager, Administration

Mrs. Mauger is the Assistant Manager, Administration at SERTC, Transportation Technology Center, Inc.Read More

V. Jean Parker, Administrative Specialist

Mrs. Parker is an Administrative Specialist at SERTC, Transportation Technology Center, Inc.Read More

Bridgette Paseka, Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Paseka brings experience in administration, systems administration, and IT/business analysis…read more…Read More

Carrie Woy, Administrative Assistant

Carrie Woy has joined Team SERTC as an Administrative Assistant supporting SERTC, BOE, and MID. She graduated from East High School and holds an Associates degree in Business Administration. She has 25 years in the automotive industry as a Title Clerk, Warranty Administrator, Service Advisor, Parts Clerk, and Inventory Clerk.