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MIKE COOK, Executive Director, HazMat Compliance & Training

Mike Cook

Mike R. Cook, Executive Director

Hazardous Materials Compliance & Training
Transportation Technology Center, Inc.
Pueblo, Colorado


Mike has been involved in law enforcement since he began his career with the Colorado State Patrol in 1987.  During a portion of his time with the Colorado State Patrol, he was assigned to the Hazardous Materials Section where he was responsible for hazardous materials response and enforcement, hazardous material instruction and commercial motor vehicle inspection and enforcement.

Mike began his federal law enforcement career in 1999 when he accepted a position with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Hazardous Materials Response Unit.  He was assigned as a Hazardous Materials Officer with duties including counter-terrorism, WMD/HazMat response, instruction, and consultation.

In October 2002, Mike accepted a position as Special Agent with the EPA-Criminal Investigation Division based in Denver, Colorado. His duties included participation in the National Counter-terrorism Evidence Response Team (NCERT).  In March 2005, he transferred to the newly formed EPA-Homeland Security Division where he was promoted to Supervisory Special Agent assigned as Section Chief of the Operations Section and the NCERT.

In February 2009, Mike retired from his law enforcement career and joined the team at the Transportation Technology Center, Inc. He is currently assigned as Director of the Hazardous Materials Compliance and Training Division. This division is comprised of the Security and Emergency Response Training Center and the Bureau of Explosives program.

Mike has been involved with Hazardous Materials and/or Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) response since April 1990 and has responded to numerous national level Hazardous Materials/WMD response missions and incidents of national significance, including; Pentagon 9/11, New York City 9/11, New York City and Washington, D.C. Amerithrax, and Hurricane Katrina.  He has also served as a Hazardous Materials Officer on Joint Hazard Assessment Teams at numerous national level special events, including Presidential Inaugurations, Political National Conventions, NFL Super Bowls and NBA/MLB All Star Games.

He has served on the Colorado Governors HazMat Certification Advisory Board and most recently, the Colorado Governors Fire Service Training and Certification Advisory Board, for several years, and continues to provide consultation in numerous specialty areas.