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Embroidery Plus Order

We’ve partnered with Embroidery Plus to bring you great SERTC products. To make an order, please click the button below to start your online credit card order.  Questions — contact Embroidery Plus at (719) 542-0234.  Purchase(s) are not yet available online.

Click Here To download the Order Form, fill out, and fax to (719) 545-2626 or email to epinc@comcast.net

  • Order Deadline Monday, noon  -Free delivery to hotel   -M-W Course
  • Order Deadline Wed, noon         -Free delivery to hotel   -W-F Course or M-F Course, and 2-week course
  • No deadline if you include shipping in your order. We need to allow time to customize embroidery; otherwise, late orders are subject to shipping.

 Questions — contact Embroidery Plus at (719) 542-0234.