HazMat Technician Refresher (HMTR)

Recommended Prerequisite – HazMat Technician Level or equivalent

This course covers the skills and knowledge required of HAZMAT Technicians who respond offensively to releases or potential releases of hazardous materials for the purpose of controlling the release. They are more aggressive than first responders at the operations level in that they will approach the point of release to stop or minimize the release of a hazardous materials substance. They are expected to use specialized chemical protective clothing and specialized control equipment. The HMTR course provides foundational refresher information as required by both regulation and standards and approximately 65% hands-on practice of incident actions on complex, full-scale, scenario-based HazMat/WMD surface transportation incidents. Participants will work in teams on coordination with personnel in activities using a whole community approach of start to finish response, mitigation, remediation, and recovery.

This course is customized based on a requesting agencies needs. Minimum enrollment numbers apply for course to be scheduled; if interested, please send an email to sertc@aar.com.