Managing Unmanned Aerial Systems in Emergency Response – Accident Reconstruction (MUASER-AR)

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Recommended Prerequisites
• General knowledge of highway emergencies
• Current Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate; or
• Be an authorized pilot under an agency COA

Required Prerequisites – In order to operate UAS at SERTC, participants must possess a current Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate or be an authorized pilot under an agency COA. The course will be taught from a “train like you fight” perspective and will give you the experience needed to operate your UAS platform during highway emergencies in order to create accurate models of accident scenes. Participation is allowed without a pilot certificate but will be limited to non-PIC activities such as camera operation, data processing, and classroom sessions.

Equipment Requirements – Participants should bring their own drones and cameras in order to learn how to properly utilize their specific equipment for accident scene reconstruction. Attendance is welcome without equipment or a pilot certificate, although some of the data collection tasks will be limited by the equipment on hand. Access to the Photomodeler software will be provided at no cost for the duration of the course. All Pilots operating their own equipment must have personal UAS Liability Insurance in the amount of $1M, and is required to be in effect for the entire duration of the class. Insurance may be provided through an on-demand provider such as Verifly.

Course Description – Participants will learn how to utilize drone and ground based cameras to accurately diagram, measure, and scan incident scenes. This will allow agencies to rapidly create diagrams of scenes using departmental calibrated cameras, extract key measurements from archived and by-stander uncalibrated cameras, perform crush measurements, and other tasks that are vital to the proper documentation and rapid clearing of accident scenes. This course was created in partnership with Photomodeler ( to ensure that participants have access to the most up-to-date information and technology available.

Course Objectives – Upon completion of the course, participants will have completed the classroom and field instruction necessary to properly and accurately reconstruct a variety of accident scenes by utilizing ground and drone-based cameras in conjunction with the PhotoModeler software.

Target Audience – Law enforcement and others who routinely respond to and document accident scenes.