Small UAS Applications Training Institute-Electric Utility (SATI-EU)

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Prerequisites: Completion of Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification.


SERTC and UAV Recon welcome you to the Small-UAS Applications Training Institute-Electric Utility (SATI-EU). The Electric Utility course will teach you how to use UAS to provide services that are in high demand from electric utility companies. You’ll train on actual substations and transmission lines while flying your own equipment, so your experiences will mimic what actually happens in the real world. And you’ll be learning from the best — UAV Recon has flown more power structures than any other UAS service provider, and SERTC has trained over 70,000 students from around the world in incident response.

The course includes two days of instruction covering Part 107 updates, platform selection, electrical terminology and components, thermography, and deliverables followed by two days of training flights and critiques.

If you’re ready to take your UAS services into the professional inspection arena, we’re ready to show you how.

Course Objectives:

  1. Participants will learn what is required to successfully inspect electrical substations and transmission lines with a UAS
  2. During the course of 2 days of classroom instruction, participants will learn infrastructure components and terminology, proper platform and payload selection, and regulatory requirements.
  3. By utilizing the participant’s own UAS during the 2 days of flight training, the participant will gain the flight skills necessary to inspect electrical infrastructure in a safe environment.

For questions or further details, Send eMail to Brandon Morris

Target Audience – Part 107 Certified Remote Pilots.