PER-367 Tactical HazMat Operations in Surface Transportation (THMOST) – DHS/FEMA-Funded

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Required Prerequisite & Vetting Process:
• Certified Peace Officer or Medical Personnel
• Or attached to an Agency Tactical Team or Active Shooter Hostile Events Response (ASHER)
• And HazMat Awareness completion

Course Objectives – The THMOST course is specifically designed to provide participants in law enforcement with advanced knowledge and practical skills needed to respond to a complex, tactical surface transportation incident involving HazMat/WMD. Participants will learn to operate tactical weapons using Simunition® non-lethal training weapons and ammunition while wearing chemical protective clothing and respiratory protection systems.

Participants will learn to respond properly to emergency incidents involving various modes of mass transit transportation, including heavy, medium, and light rail systems, and commercial and school buses. Participants will learn to select the personal protective equipment and respiratory protection for the threat presented in an emergency. They will learn how to use monitoring equipment to help determine what type of HazMat/WMD participants may be confronting. Participants will conduct site assessments, determine which level of personal protective equipment is appropriate for various situations, develop tactical plans and conduct tactical assaults on full-scale passenger train cars, locomotives, commercial buses and school buses. Participants will be involved in a variety of “shoot/don’t shoot” situations utilizing Simunition®. During the hands-on portion of this program, participants will be taught the importance of verbal commands and how to execute them while wearing personal protective equipment in this environment.

In addition, there will be segments in the program that reference managing tactical situations at rail terminal facilities. This will allow the participants to examine how these kind of events can play out in that specific environment.

Scenarios also involve “active shooter” role playing. After receiving the curriculum and participating in the scenario-based incidents, successful participants will be capable of overseeing and performing surface transportation emergency response activities during real- life incidents.

Target Audience – Participants shall be active peace officers representing federal, state, local, tribal, territorial, public, and private sector organizations that respond to tactical emergencies potentially involving HazMat/WMD in a surface transportation environment.