Fred Salazar, Part-time Instructor

Mr. Salazar has over twenty three years of experience with Hazardous Materials Emergency Response including seven years Industrial Emergency Response (Large US Oil Corporation), 16 years with a municipal fire department, and more than ten years assigned to the HazMat Team. He has extensive experience with HazMat pre-incident planning and as an Subject Matter Expert for after action reviews. Fred has knowledge and experience in both private contractor remediation and the emergency response immediate mitigation phases of response.

Fred’s training and certifications include: Certified Hazardous Materials Specialist thru the State of California, Certified Hazardous materials Technician thru the State of Colorado, Certified Advanced Haz-Mat Life Support Paramedic, Completed NFA Advanced Life Support Response to Hazardous Materials Incidents, various Department of Homeland Security sponsored schools, various Security and Emergency Response Training Center courses (prior to employment as instructor).

Mr. Salazar has an Associate of Science Degree in Fire Technology.

Fred’s chemistry education and training was received from the University of California  Los Angeles, Dr. Dieter Heinz, CSTI and through various ATF and DEA training courses.