Gale Holderman, Senior Instructor & Remote Delivery Program Coordinator

Gale Holderman has been an instructor at the Security and Emergency Response Training Center (SERTC) since September 1, 2009 and is the site’s senior explosives blaster. Mr. Holderman has over 40 years of experience in emergency response to include law enforcement, natural disasters, wildland and structural fire response, medical, hazardous materials and weapons of mass destruction, clandestine drug labs and terrorism. Prior to working for SERTC, Mr. Holderman was employed by the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office where he worked both as a volunteer and paid employee from 1973 until his retirement in 2009. During his tenure with the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office Mr. Holderman was assigned to the Operations Bureau in the patrol division reaching the rank of Lieutenant and was also the Emergency Response Coordinator / Hazardous Materials response team leader beginning in 1983 until his retirement. Mr. Holderman was also one of founding members of the Pueblo City/County Hazardous Materials Committee, Pueblo Local Emergency Planning Committee, Pueblo County Emergency Medical Services Committee and a member of the Colorado Governors committee on Hazardous Materials, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Decontamination. Mr. Holderman also served as the Sheriff’s Office Coordinator and the acting director (during the loss of the Director) for the Pueblo Law Enforcement Academy; a State of Colorado certified training academy located at Pueblo Community College, the training Sgt. for the Sheriff’s Office and during the inception of the Field Training Program at the Sheriff’s Office, assisted in the development of it and supervised the program and the personnel assigned to it.

Mr. Holderman during his career served as a volunteer member of the Pueblo West Fire Department for approximately 10 years in the capacity of a fire fighter and rising to the rank of shift Lieutenant, Emergency Medical Technician, and hazardous materials responder. Mr. Holderman currently serves as a firefighter/ EMT on the Transportation Technology Center’s Fire Brigade.

Mr. Holderman is a FEMA certified exercise evaluator for hazardous materials response, decontamination and the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) and has been involved in the exercise planning and evaluation processes of numerous exercises across the country. He has also been involved as an active participant in federally evaluated exercises with in the Pueblo community. He is a certified trainer for the National curriculum for the CSEPP program and Weapons of Mass Destruction as well as being a instructor for Louisiana State University, the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center, Radiological Response for the Environmental Protection Agency, the FEMA National Incident Management System courses, and Clandestine Drug Lab Emergency Response for the California Specialized Training Institute. Mr. Holderman was trained by both CSTI and the Rocky Mountain Region High Intensity Drug Trafficking Association in Drug Lab response. Mr. Holderman has held a teaching certification with the Colorado Community College Occupational Educational Services (CCCOES) in technical education.

Mr. Holderman during his tenure with the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office, served 4 years as a Regional Homeland Security Coordinator for the South Region of Colorado. The region consisted of five counties and involved numerous emergency response organizations. During his assignment as the regional coordinator he was involved in protocol and procedure development, grants, budgeting, equipment recommendations and response to hazardous materials, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction for the five counties and the agencies contained within them and made formal presentations to grant committees involved in the Federal Homeland Security grant process and approvals. He as well coordinated with the other 8 Homeland Security regions and coordinators in the State of Colorado on homeland security grants, equipment issues and problem resolution. Mr. Holderman was involved with classification of personnel and equipment for the region that was to be included the State of Colorado Resource Ordering and Statue System known as ROSS. His assignment as a Homeland Security Coordinator required planning, coordination and communications with numerous local, state and federal agencies including National Guard Civil Support Teams and other military assets, Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC) (Colorado’s state terrorism fusion center), and numerous Terrorism Liaison Officers (TLOs) which he was also certified as. During his tenure as a regional coordinator Mr. Holderman was trained in Protected Critical Infrastructure Information (PCII) for Critical Infrastructures and Key Asset (CI/KA) security assessments Mr. Holderman conducted several assessments to include higher education facilities, religious facilities and other specialized facilities and assisted with some infrastructure assessments with the State of Colorado’s Rubicon team within the South Region.

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