Kevin Alajoki, Remote Instructor

Kevin is a Lieutenant/Paramedic for the City of Ashland Fire Department. Kevin started his career in Ashland in February of 1997. Since that time on the department he has rose from the ranks of FF/Paramedic to Fire Alarm Technician from 1999-2003. Then in 2003, Kevin was promoted to Lieutenant/Paramedic. Kevin immediately took over the paid on-call program, and also became the department’s Safety Officer. In 2007, Kevin then took over the Hazmat Division of the department. And since that time has become certified in Highway and Tank Car Specialist. Kevin also oversees the department Hazmat team which the team covers three counties as primary response, and eight counties as a State of Wisconsin Type 2 team. Kevin also has become the Co-Chair of the State Hazmat Teams, and also sits on the Training/Validation Committee for the State Hazmat teams. He still fills these roles to this day.

Kevin’s teaching career started in 2004 with WITC where he has taught numerous classes; Hazmat Ops, Certified FF 1 and 2, Certified Driver and Aerial Ops, and has also designed classes and revamped course syllabus for WITC. Kevin still to this day still teaches for WITC and enjoys every aspect of meeting new people and watching them grow into Firefighters of their respected communities. Over the last couple of years, he has trained local Hazmat tech teams on their yearly refresher.

In 2016, Kevin became a Remote Delivery Instructor for SERTC out of Pueblo, CO. SERTC is a leading company for Hazmat training in the world. As a subsidiary of the AAR (American Association of Railroads) the team, Kevin goes out to the 11 states he covers and teaches Responding to Flammable Liquids by Rail (how to respond and deal with train derailments).

Kevin currently resides in Ashland, Wisconsin with his wife Carrie and their 15-year-old twins Travis and Ryanne Alajoki, and his new baby boy Nathan Alajoki.