Tracy Swearingen, Part-time Instructor

A 22+ year veteran of law enforcement and a SWAT team member of 16+ years at the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office, Captain Tracy Swearingen was promoted to Captain of the Emergency Services Bureau in January of 2015. He now serves as the Support Services Captain in the Detention Bureau. He has worked at the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office since 1995 and within a year of employment he was assigned to the Detention Facility Tactical Team. Captain Swearingen has risen through the ranks as a detention, patrol, school-resource and narcotics member.

He became a leader in the organization in 2007 when he was promoted to Sergeant and assigned leaderships roles in both tactical and K-9 units. He holds certifications in NTOA and Homeland Security Active Shooter Instruction, Colorado Sheriff’s of Colorado Command Staff school, Hostage Rescue, and various other specialties. In 2011 became the SWAT Team Commander. In 2014, Captain Swearingen earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology at Colorado State University-Pueblo. In 2015 he completed the Department of Homeland Security Emergency Managers Academy. In 2017 completed Hazmat technician certification.