Jason Biggerstaff

Senior Instructor II

Jason, a Colorado native, is a Senior Instructor II at the Security and Emergency Response Training Center (SERTC). Prior to joining Team SERTC, Jason was a project manager for Mountain West Helicopters, working with the forest service during wildland fire seasons and with crews working on mitigation and fuel reduction projects through prescribed logging. In 2011, he joined SERTC as a member of the Maintenance and Logistics group, after which he was promoted from within the organization to a full-time Instructor. Jason helped SERTC grow instructional capabilities and was instrumental in the planning, implementation, and delivery of SERTC’s original Crude by Rail program in 2014.

Jason was an active member of the TTCI Fire Department as a firefighter for over ten years. He has over 20 years of experience in emergency services, emergency response, and emergency management operations, and holds certifications in the fields of Fire Fighting and HazMat response. Jason also serves as SERTC’s active representative in the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium’s operations committee, and has been doing so since 2016.

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