Intermodal Specialist (IMS) – Coming Soon!

Type: ResidentClassification: Hazmat TransportationDuration 3 days (24 hours)OE Price Coming Soon

This 24-hour course is designed to address specific fundamentals and skills associated with an emergency response at the specialist level to an Intermodal emergency involving HazMat/WMD. The IMS course instructs the technical skills and knowledge required for the safe response to HazMat/WMD incidents involving Intermodal transportation, including IM tanks, containers, and bulk packages. Participants will conduct incident site assessments, container damage assessments, IM tank valve repair and replacement, and containment of leaking Intermodal HazMat containers. The IMS course will also provide technical knowledge on methods to conduct product removal and transfer techniques for various Department of Transportation (DOT) Intermodal tanks and containers used in transportation. The skills acquired at this specialty course are above and beyond that of a HazMat/WMD Technician.  This course provides the technical knowledge and extensive hands-on practice on full-scale scenario-based Intermodal incidents that will train the responder to safely mitigate a complex Intermodal emergency involving HazMat/WMD.

Recommended Prerequisite:
  • Technician as defined under OSHA 29CFR 1910.120 (q)