Cancellation Refund Policy

Tuition Fees – Open Enrollment / Self-pay Participants Only

Course tuition fees are due at time of registration via credit card payment, we accept most major credit cards; e.g. Visa, MasterCard, American Express. Payment by check or purchase order is also available by selecting one of these options at time of registration. Full payment is due prior to course start. Travel expenses are the Participant’s responsibility. A confirmation email will arrive after registration with further instructions.

Cancelation | Reschedule | No-Show | Substitution Policies
Open Enrollment / Self-pay Participants
  • CANCELATIONS AND RESCHEDULING ARE ONLY ACCEPTED IN WRITING VIA EMAIL TO Cancelations made at least 30 days prior to the course start date may request a full refund. Subject to class availability, rescheduling, and transfer of funds to a future course may be requested without penalty. If cancelations are not made 30 days before the course start date, tuition fees are non-refundable but may be transferred towards a future course. Substitutions are permitted for Open Enrollment / Self-pay Participants only, providing that SERTC is notified in writing via email 10 days prior to the course start date.
DHS/FEMA-funded Participants
  • Airline Cancelation: When an airline cancels a flight, they will note such activity in the airline electronic ticket record. The Participant is responsible for notifying both SERTC and Rio Grande Travel that the airline canceled the flight. The Participant has two choices:
    1. Reschedule flight with the airline at the time of airline cancel notification and continue trip, or
    2. Request the airline to refund the ticket to original form of payment and discontinue trip. If discontinuing trip, Participant must notify SERTC via email.
  • Participant Request to Cancel: The Participant must call Rio Grande Travel during business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm MT) at 1-800-778-6861 and send a cancelation request email to Should the Participant need to cancel outside of Rio Grande Travel’s business hours, the Participant is to send a cancelation request email to Rio Grande Travel and either contact the 24-Hour Toll Free Emergency Assistance number at 1-855-403-9860 (CODE – S-A2ZA), or the airline directly to cancel flight. The Emergency Assistance number is ONLY to be used for in-route emergency assistance outside of Rio Grande Travel’s normal office hours. The Participant must cancel reservations prior to flight departure to receive a credit to be used for future travel. The Participant must also contact SERTC Administration at (719) 584-0584 and send an email to to notify us of the requested cancelation. Requests to cancel must detail a reason for canceling. If the airline ticket has been purchased, the Participant will have a NON-REFUNDABLE round-trip ticket and needs to review Reschedule Policy below. If the Participant will not be rescheduling his/her training, he/she is individually, financially responsible for full payment of the nonrefundable airline ticket, plus a $35.00 travel agency processing fee. Please reference reporting instructions for further details.
  • Reschedule Policy: This policy applies to all Participants that have been issued airline tickets by Rio Grande Travel. Based off your travel request submission, airline tickets are purchased two weeks prior to class start date and emailed to you. The airline electronic ticket may not have been emailed to the Participant, but it may have already been purchased based off the Travel Request submission. At the very latest, if Participant has not received an email with the electronic ticket itinerary at least 10 days prior to class start date, please contact Rio Grande Travel. Not receiving the trip itinerary will not be sufficient to relieve Participant of any terms and conditions herein. After request to cancel is approved by both SERTC and Rio Grande Travel, Participant is responsible for contacting SERTC as soon as possible to obtain a new class start date, submit a new travel request, and attend a SERTC course within six months of the cancelation. Rescheduling will be handled case-by-case, based on seating availability. Due to Participant having an unused, pre-paid, restricted, non-refundable, round-trip airline electronic ticket with value in his/her name only already purchased, Participant will be responsible for any/all change fees imposed by the airline (fees can vary between $0 – $200), a $35.00 travel agency processing fee, plus any difference in flight costs at the time of rebooking. Total financial costs to Participant will be provided prior to rebooking and will be paid directly to Rio Grande Travel at time of rebooking. CANCELATIONS AND RESCHEDULING MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING VIA EMAIL AT PRIOR TO CLASS START DATE.
  • No-Show Policy: This applies to all Participants that have been issued an airline ticket by Rio Grande Travel. If Participant is a no-show at airline check-in and has not canceled flights with Rio Grande Travel, the Participant will be financially responsible for full payment of the airline ticket plus the $35.00 travel agency processing fee. Please reference reporting instructions for further details.
  • Substitution Policy: Substitutions are not allowed for DHS/FEMA-funded Participants.