PER-326 Surface Transportation Emergency Preparedness and Security – Freight (STEPS-FR) – DHS/FEMA-Funded

Type: Mobile/Non-residentClassification: Hazmat TransportationDuration 2 Days (16 hours)

The movement of freight through our communities is a critical part of our way of life, but occasionally things don’t go through as smoothly as we would like. The two primary ways that freight is transported is by rail and highway, so we created a class that helps you prepare for incidents involving either! This course leans heavily on the Thread and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA) process so that the planning and emergency operations plans that you put in place are interoperable with those of your surrounding communities…and the Federal Plan. If you have a screen and a place for participants to sit we can bring our instructors and everything needed for the class except coffee.
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