PER-292 Leadership & Management of Surface Transportation Incidents (LMSTI) – DHS/FEMA-Funded

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Note: Courses taught in Spanish currently unavailable.

Recommended Prerequisites: NIMS/ICS online training links below:

Course ObjectivesThe LMSTI course uses NIMS/ Incident Command System (ICS) guidelines and is designed to prepare participants for leadership and management of flammable/combustible liquid, hazardous material, or WMD/IED incidents involving surface transportation. The course requires participants to lead and manage incidents under NIMS/ICS and the NRF guidelines and structures. Participants will be expected to complete proficiency requirements, all necessary NIMS/ICS documentation, and produce Incident Action Plans that incorporate hands-on, scenario-based activities. Challenging in-depth planning and decision- making processes are conducted to prepare participants to manage and document responses to real-world emergencies involving surface transportation incidents in their communities.

Participants will learn the importance of conducting site surveys and risk assessments, and will conduct hands-on site and risk assessments for flammable/combustible liquid, toxic or industrial hazardous material, or WMD/IED surface transportation incidents. Participants will also learn to identify the federal agencies that potentially respond to surface transportation incidents involving HazMat/WMD under the NRF, the requirements of the laws, the regulations, and the agencies that have roles in HazMat/WMD response, as well as training levels for the response. Participants will be able to explain the purpose and functional areas of Local Emergency Response Plans and explain the essential information required for response to surface transportation incidents involving HazMat/WMD.

Target Audience – The target audience includes responders in both the public and private sectors who have been promoted to supervisory level positions and require training to apply national standards (NIMS/NRF) and laws to surface transportation response command responsibilities. The target audience may also include responders who desire to obtain the training to seek promotion or advance their knowledge or careers in surface transportation response. Target disciplines include hazardous materials specialist, law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical services, public works, government administration, environmental agencies, health agencies, rail and highway supervisors, and nongovernmental private sector organizations.