PER-331 Surface Transportation Emergency Preparedness and Security – Senior Officials (STEPS-SR) – DHS/FEMA-Funded



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Minimum/Maximum Attendees – 15 Minimum / 25 Maximum

PrerequisitesNIMS/ICS online training links below:

  • Participants shall hold elected or executive official level positions in public or private agencies or organizations that would have involvement in emergency preparedness.
  • IS-100.C
  • IS-200.B
  • IS-700.B

Course Objectives – The STEPS-SR course offers an executive level introduction to the roles and responsibilities of preparedness, prevention, and response to emergencies involving surface transportation freight and passenger systems. This course will provide a clear overview of freight and passenger system threats facing jurisdictions/organizations of public and private officials and the organizational structure that must be implemented according to the NRF in an incident. There will be special emphasis on National Special Security Events (NSSE’s).

Executives will learn to identify threats and vulnerabilities of freight (including flammable/combustible liquid transportation) and passenger system operations within their jurisdictions/organizations, learn to recognize and prioritize the importance of facility and conveyance hardening, receive familiarization with the NIMS/NRF to prioritize organizational immediate actions and response operations, and learn how to develop and apply management/planning tools for flammable/combustible liquids incidents and counter Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) operations and evacuations.

Target Audience – The course is intended for executive and elected level officials, both public and private, such as mayors, county executives, directors, assistant directors, chiefs, deputy chiefs, division managers, and supervisors. Participants should include representation from state and local entities, public service agencies, fire services, law enforcement, emergency medical services, emergency planning, public health, hazardous materials response, and private industry.