PER-290 Tank Car Specialist (TCS) – DHS/FEMA-Funded

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Recommended Prerequisites:

Course Objectives – The TCS course is specifically designed as intensive hazardous materials emergency response training for the specialist level and will bring the hazardous materials technician to the highest recognized level of training identified by Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with a focus on freight rail incidents potentially involving WMDs, including flammable and combustible liquids transported by rail. Participants will receive comprehensive training beyond that of traditional “hazardous materials technician level,” and their instruction will include, but is not limited to, railroad nomenclature, railcar designs, specialty features unique to the railroad, product transfer, containment methods, plugging and patching to including use of special containment devices and flaring operations. The course covers rail vehicle threat and vulnerability assessments, including actions and responses to any toxic or industrial hazardous materials release (e.g., flammable/combustible liquid rail transportation emergencies and WMD attacks on railcars).

Participants will also be trained in procedures for storage and use of hazardous materials, as well as proper shipping documentation for hazardous materials and identification of various railway rolling stock and their associated hazards. They will learn to identify the characteristics, features, hazards, and markings of various hazardous material tank cars; will demonstrate the methods for controlling any toxic or industrial hazardous material releases including flammable/combustible liquids; and will identify the construction, valves, and safety devices on tank cars and demonstrate their proper operation. After successful conclusion of this course, participants will be able to respond safely to railroad emergencies through prioritizing their actions, utilizing NIMS, working within the NRF, and bringing any intentional or accidental freight rail emergency to a successful mitigation.

Target Audience – Participants shall be hazardous materials emergency responders representing federal, state, local, tribal, territorial, public, and private sector organizations that respond to emergencies potentially involving hazardous materials in a railroad environment. Their roles in control and mitigation will require the highest level of training for effective offensive measures for HazMat/WMD incidents.