Chris Figueroa

Junior SERTC Instructor

Chris, who also goes by the nickname Figs, has fifteen years of service dedicated to the fire service. He began his career as a volunteer with a small-town fire department in Southeastern, Colorado that functioned as a large municipal all hazards fire department. With a large call volume within the district he represented, he quickly learned the skills and expertise needed for exceptional performance. Chris responded to numerous calls for mutual aid in all areas of the Southeastern plains, assisting other overwhelmed fire departments.

His next steppingstone was entering the private sector performing contracted industrial firefighting services. This led him to his MxV Rail family. Over the next twelve years, he would climb the ranks to ultimately become the Fire Chief. During this time, he continued to volunteer with other Pueblo County agencies. When MxV Rail/SERTC announced our move to a new location, Chris was offered an opportunity to begin working with Team SERTC.

Chris loves training and enjoys ensuring all students feel confident and comfortable in everything hazardous materials-related. Throughout your experience training with SERTC, do not hesitate to ask for his assistance for more in-depth training, as he always strives to deliver the best training environment for our students.

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