Travel and Hotel Information

Reporting Instructions

Complete reporting instructions and all the information listed below will be emailed to you automatically after your registration is confirmed.

What city should I fly into?

  • Denver. If you fly into Denver (DIA), you will need to rent a car to get to Pueblo. Denver International Airport (2.5 hours to SERTC) is approximately 113 miles north of Pueblo. All students attending training using our DHS/FEMA-funding will be routed in/out of Denver.
  • Colorado Springs. If you fly into Colorado Springs (COS), you will need to rent a car to get to Pueblo. Colorado Springs Municipal Airport (1.5 hours to SERTC) is approximately 44 miles north of Pueblo.
  • Pueblo. If you fly into Pueblo (PUB), you can take a cab to the hotel, or rent a car. Pueblo has limited airline services as well as limited number of flights in and out of Pueblo. Pueblo Memorial Airport (20 minutes to SERTC) is approximately 3 miles east of Pueblo

Driving Information:

Students are now  required to drive daily approximately 25 miles to SERTC from recommended hotels. Travel time to SERTC is approximately 40-45 minutes. Arrive at the TTC main-gate parking lot no later than 0720. Buses leave the TTC main gate parking lot promptly at 0730.

Toll Road Fees: Please be aware you may incur additional administrative fees associated with automatic PlatePass toll roads in your rental car agreement.

Making Travel Arrangements

OE Participants – Airline, hotel, and rental car arrangements are the OE Participant’s responsibility.

DHS/FEMA-Funded Participants – Airline, rental car arrangements are handled through SERTC’s designated travel agency. After the application is submitted, printed, signed, and authorized by the SAA, applications are vetted on a first-come / first-served basis, depending upon seating availability. SERTC will send a confirmation email to the participant; the email contains further reporting instructions which the participant must follow in order to attend the class successfully. Unless the participant receives the confirmation email, the application itself does not guarantee a seat. If seats are filled, email notifications will be sent about waitlists or other open seats. Applications are good for two years, based on the date the application is received by SERTC from the SAA. A participant may reapply for the same training every three years.

Covered and Reimbursed Expenses

OE Participants – travel expenses are the responsibility of the participant or their agency.

DHS/FEMA-Funded Participants ONLY – PREPAID EXPENSES Covered by DHS/FEMA are listed below and reimbursed using GSA rates (see Reporting Instructions for further details):

  • Airfare
  • Lodging in Pueblo
  • Rental vehicle

DHS/FEMA-Funded Participants ONLY  –  EXPENSES INCURRED WHILE TRAVELING are reimbursed by DHS/FEMA Funding:

  • Lodging other than designated Pueblo Hotels
  • Approved Transportation | Parking | Fuel | Tolls
  • Baggage limits do apply
  • Per Diem M&IE (if eligible)
  • Note: DHS/FEMA Funding does not cover agency backfill.


The hotel below offers SERTC participants a special rate. Contact the hotel directly and mention you are attending SERTC training.

Courtyard by Marriott Pueblo Downtown
110 W City Center Drive
Pueblo, CO  81003
Phone: (719) 542-3200

(Other hotel accommodations are available throughout Pueblo.)